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San Carlos Family Law Attorney San Mateo County

The law offices of Philip H. Shecter, APC located in San Carlos, San Mateo County, California,  is a full service law firm handling all areas of civil dispute, specializing in mediation, negotiation, collaboration, litigation, family law, divorce, dissolution,  personal injury, real estate, probate and estate planning, business and corporation transactions, and dispute resolution.

Attorneys at The Law Offices of Philip H. Shecter, APC  are experienced at solving problems.

San Carlos Family Law-Personal Injury Attorney San Mateo CountyFor more than 34 years, Philip Shecter and his associates have been unmatched advocates for their clients in San Mateo county and Northern California.  Based in centrally-located downtown San Carlos, San Mateo County, The Philip H. Shecter Law Offices, APC  handles all types of business, personal, financial, family and personal injury cases.

Keys to Client Representation

  •  ●  Mediation
     ●  Negotiation
     ●  Collaboration

  • Representation in the best interests of the client. An emphasis on finding a way other than litigation is important  to resolve disputes will eventually benefit all parties.


    The  Law Offices of Philip H. Shecter, APC  strives to ‘keep you out of court’.  Few good things happen when a case ends up in a courtroom battle.  Litigation expenses can be exorbitant, and the emotional price is equally damaging.  We do everything possible to resolve disputes well ahead of a courtroom showdown. 

    To accomplish this, The Law Offices of Philip H. Shecter, APC  have become highly skilled in "negotiable" resolution techniques.

    There are many forms of  negotiation, among which are formal collaboration, mediation, private settlement conferences, caucusing,Collaboration and Mediation attorney-to-attorney and/or attorney-to-client communication. These modern methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution have saved our clients thousands of dollars in legal expenses, while allowing them to maintain control, as opposed to leaving matters to decision by judge or arbitrator, thereby avoiding adverse consequences, including judgments.  

    Our philosophy and practice is to represent our clients as we would wish to be represented if we were clients. We pride ourselves on our integrity in advising you as to what is in your best interests. The Law Offices of Philip H. Shecter, APC work to help you solve legal problems...expeditiously, with the least disruption to your life and in as practicable manner as possible, in order to minimize to the extent possible the expense to you. If  your legal problem requires an expertise we feel that regard and assist you in locating expert assistance.  We invite you to review our website to better appreciate our depth of experience and our client-first commitment to the practice of law.   

    Philip H. Shecter,  Esq. – Managing Partner
    Randall J. Witte, Esq. – Associate 


    1313 Laurel St., suite #222
    San Carlos, CA