Collaborative Practice

A Better Way . . . choosing a peaceful resolution. . .

The Law Offices of Philip H. Shecter, APC  promotes the use of the collaborative process in family law cases...

Couples ending their marriages and other relationships face many challenges. These challenges exist especially in a family with children. Philip Shecter, APC,  who is experienced in California divorce law, child custody law and mediation, establishes an open and cooperative environment for couples. Together with their family law attorneys, couples can work toward a complete settlement that benefits everyone through an effective and efficient process. Parents must make very important decisions that will have a significant impact on their children's future. Collaborative family law provides an opportunity to positively deal with decisions and concerns in an informal setting away from the courtroom.

In addition to resolving family law disputes via the collaborative process, the utilization of collaboration is developing in many other areas of civil disputes. To the extent that attorneys and other professionals have been trained as collaborators the process will become readily available for resolving disputes---whether personal injury, real estate, business, disputes between individuals, between individuals and businesses, as as business to business.

Mediation versus Collaboration?


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